New beginning and Korean Dream

(First written on May 27, 2012) A while ago, I said that one of my only joys was to act on stage. So of course it is surprising that I have not stepped onto one since March 24. Instead, I was in the audience. From Masterclass, a play about Maria Callas, to the farce Noises Off, the gruesome Duchess of Malfi and the German contemporary Big and Small at the Barbican, which was the first modern play I’d seen in a very (too) long time, I tried to absorb new theatrical culture to prepare myself for future auditions.

The festival which is very much on my mind at the moment is the Globe to Globe festival taking place at Shakespeare’s Globe. I was delighted to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream performed by a Korean group and Antony and Cleopatra produced by the national theatre of Istanbul. As I knew A Midsummer Night’s Dream very well, it was incredibly interesting how the Korean theatre company changed certain elements to adapt it to their country’s traditions, and how despite not understanding the language, the play’s spirit came across sensually and beautifully. I must point out that I haven’t laughed this much during a play as I did during the Korean’s second act. I realised that this is the beauty of Shakespeare’s plays – that they don’t need to be set in a specific era or place. Playing a classic Shakespeare in English is only one of the hundreds of ways that one can play him.

In the festival’s final week, I am looking forward to productions in German, French and Lithuanian.

As the Spring has brought with it new challenges, work, trips and obligations, my writing has slowed down. But this is a new beginning.

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