On humanity and connection – 7 días en La Habana

There is only so much the written word can do; that is what beautiful cinematography teaches us. 7 Days in Havana is an anthology film (a feature film made of several separate short films) co-produced between Spanish, French and Cuban companies and directed by seven distinct observers and lovers of the beautiful yet at times painful city of Havana, Cuba. These range from Benicio del Toro (a warm and fun presentation of a young American in town for the film festival in the first episode “Monday”) to Laurent Cantet (an ode to humanity and the strength of belief and solidarity in the final episode “Sunday”). Each actor deserves a paragraph of their own, but for now I’d like to mention the Spanish-German actor Daniel Brühl as a music producer from Spain, Emir Kusturica as an alcoholic winning film director and the angelic Melvis Santa Estevez.

Although I have never been to the Island, the film transported me out of England and to a place where feelings cannot afford to be hidden and would rather be yelled out on a hot dark street. A city where, like in Paris je t’Aime and New York I love you, the separate films, like the people, are connected. 7 Days proves how humanity is about sharing and creating connections. These connections may bring tears or laughter, but they are the ones that get you through the “7 days” of your week.

Please start by playing this video, observe the blowing wind and feel your shoulders move

On “Wednesday”, below, Melvis Santa Estevez’ is torn between her desire of leaving the island to become a singer, and her love for her home and family. Observe the contrast between her shyness and her powerful voice.

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