Track 3 – Theatre Movement Bazaar – Greenwich Theatre

Theatre Movement Bazaar’s latest production Track 3, a modern rewriting of Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters, attracted quite an international crowd to Greenwich Theatre last month. The physical theatre company, which came all the way from Los Angeles, proved its talent at “re-mixing” classic plays by including dance, cinematic elements, music and song to their revival of the Russian classic. And what a joy it was.

The slightly berserk show introduced us to the characters’ common melancholy around being stuck in a small town while longing for Moscow. “There’s no place like Moscow!”, the audience heard them sing, right until the music stopped and reality imposed itself.

The play’s off-the-wall text, rewritten by Richard Alger, was set in today’s world. However, Ellen McCartney’s inspired costume design and the choice of Balkan music and movement transported us into another dimension. Indeed, the mix of classic Russian uniforms with modern accessories and the sometimes rigid military movement overlapped with the characters’ sensuality reminded us that Chekhov’s play is universal. This was in turn topped off by Tina Kronis’ highly expressive and comic choreography which proved that, 100 years after the play’s first performance, its themes are still current.

Kronis also succeeded in directing the show’s eight actors in very individual ways, making them all unique. Caitlyn Conlin stood out as Irina thanks to her striking facial expressions, as did Elizabeth Vital as the adulterous Natasha, who took her character’s worst features and created a little devil, all the while making the audience laugh out loud. Dylan Jones and Mark Skeens also deserve special mention. Overall, the ensemble was excellent.

Physical theatre is truly fascinating, as it can tell such deep stories. It was a treat to observe how Track 3’s characters combined the joy behind their movements with the sadness they truly felt. What we can say for sure is that Theatre Movement Bazaar guarantee a philosophically fun evening!

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