Girls (HBO) – Season 3 finale

Writing is a funny thing. Sometimes you can’t seem to stop, and then you are simply blocked and find each of your sentences more

Driver and Dunham in Girls ("Two Plane Rides")

Driver and Dunham in Girls (“Two Plane Rides”)

banal than the next. I have decided to take charge again, and come back with my comments on the season finale of a show whose writing and story lines never cease to surprise me with their boldness and truthfulness: Girls (HBO).

In the finale of season 3, we are invited to the Belasco Theatre, where Adam is performing for the first time on Broadway. Everyone has come to watch him, after weeks of rehearsals that have made him take some needed distance from Hannah in order to allow his talent and character to develop. I may not be at his level, but I can imagine that I, on the other hand, would need to be down to earth and connect with my personal life while working on a piece, at least to blow off steam, before jumping back into a role as soon as I step into the theatre. This being said, I do believe Hannah went too far in entering his dressing room. She should have waited until after the show to talk to him, especially about being accepted to the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and possibly having to move away from New York.

Hannah sets the tone in this episode, which is painful for some of the girls and women as much as it is hopeful, with trust and maturity, love for her partner and family, as well as fashion choices. Although the fight with Adam may have been the final straw (was it really?), she concludes the episode by smiling with pride at her acceptance into graduate school. In a similar vein, Jessa enters into an unconventional friendship with her new boss. Jemima Kirke herself is all but conventional. I really appreciate her for her bohemian effortless style and beauty. Perhaps she convinces so much as Jessa because she thinks of herself first as an artist before being an actress. Her scenes this season with Richard E. Grant were delightful.

Unfortunately, Marnie is far from having it together… ever. She is still as desperate to find herself that her beauty is frustrating – take off those adult dresses and undo your perfect hair for crying out loud, you are in your twenties! I feel that she needs to distance herself from everyone, even from the city in general. Speaking of which, will the new season have more rural scenes, with Hannah moving to Iowa?

What is for certain is that we just cannot lose Adam… Driver is such a revelation (I have noticed such precision in every role I have seen him in). Adam the character may have not always pleased the audience, but the actor himself must be a privilege to have around. Go Adam. Despite his stage appearance in this episode, he is the one who was the least confident: not only is he afraid to lose Hannah, but is scared of failing on stage; two entirely different fears which throw him off guard. Hannah and Adam have noticeably grown apart in recent episodes, and towards different paths. As a viewer, I am proud of both of them, but might have to let the couple go.

A toast to Girls and the, I am sure, incredible artists involved in the show. Until next year.

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